MPG Post – Hale Family Update

MPG Post – Hale Family Update


CHRIS & AMY HALES; Gideon and Karis

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Serving in Prague, Czech Republic. After once being a Christian country, now over 70%. claim to be atheist or agnostic. The Hales moved to Prague with the purpose of starting a new international church. In October of 2016 “Heart Prague” became reality, and the church is growing.

The Prague church ministers to people from several nations. It is growing and doing well even it is struggling with the restrictions in place with COVID. The Hales role in the church is changing. Chris sent us a short video to tell us about the church, upcoming changes, and thank us for our prayers and support.


  • For the new pastors of the Prague church
  • for the Hales as they transition to new mission opportunities
  • For revival in Prague 
  • Holy Spirit guidance in all aspects of ministry


Pray for Christians who are persecuted in Algeria. Christian faith has a long history among the ethnic Barbers. The church father Augustine is thought to have been a Barber. Christian worship in Algeria has mostly disappeared, but many Barbers are rediscovering their Christian heritage.  Algeria is now experiencing one of the worlds largest conversions of Muslims to the Christian faith. Christian converts are persecuted by the government and family members. 


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