MPG Post – Baird Family

MPG Post – Baird Family

KENDRA & RANDAL BAIRD: Children Travis, Caden, Samuel And Katherine

The Baird Family serve in Ireland for the purpose of Church Planting and Supporting the National Church. They served as Missionary Associates to Limerick, Ireland where they supported many ministries including Life Groups, Youth, Kids, Administration and Connect.

The Baird’s cannot return ot the states because of COVID restrictions. This is severely limiting their ability to raise needed funds. They are asking for 100 people to donate $100. Please see their website if you can help:


  • the Life Group (small group) in meeting in Ennis weekly,
  • for the Youth Night they lead in their house,
  • for Kendra as she teaches in the Kids Ministry,
  • for increase in their cash budget.

Note form Kendra: My heart is broken today as I come home from a class I’ve been attending with 9 other moms. Each week I listen to stories of parenting frustrations, but this week was different. Some shared how they were getting help from psychologists, spiritual healers and even guidance from crystals, and my heart broke. God was not even in the conversation. I asked myself where is the church? There are so many people searching for hope and answers. All I feel is “Lord, use me.” I am not anyone special, but so desperately want others to know the Love of God, the one who holds all hope and has all answers.


Hebrews 13:3 Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.


Ninety Nine percent of Afghanistan are Muslims. Hostility to Christians is severs, and Christians can not worship openly. Evangelism is forbidden and the Christians are highly secretive about their faith. Beating’s torture, and kidnappings are routine. However, house churches are growing. A recent book I read (David) documents how God is moving among the Muslim nations.

Pray for protection, and boldness for those coming to Christ.


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